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Mirage is a third person shooter / adventure set in a surreal fairy tale world.
I was the Art Director in addition to being one of the four Game Designers.
I came up with the idea of playing as a cloud of glass and helped design the world, monsters and the story.
Additionally I created all the sound effects and music for the game.
The game was built over six weeks in the Unity 3D engine by eight students.

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Our second games project Phobia, a first person action adventure exploring various common fears and phobias, such as acrophobia or claustrophobia.
The game was produced by 6 students over a period of 3 weeks as part of a course project at futuregames academy.
I was the lead game designer, built the opening level and handled the sound fx and music.
Video Games - E3 2011
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(Towards the end of the video)
Mirage @ Indie Games
Mirage @ IGN
Mirage @ IndieDB (Unity Competition Finalist)
Download & Play Mirage

"GridLock" is a board game developed over a 2 week period by six students as the first assignment at Futuregames Academy.
The theme of the assignment was set to be "metamorphosis", which was supposed to be interpreted and integrated into the core gameplay mechanic.
I invented the original concept for the game but we worked hard as a team to develop the rules and the game play.
In the end we made a good game with magnetic pieces and a classic feel.
Read Design Doc & Post Mortem PDF
I spent almost a year working on EA DICE's AAA FPS, Battlefield 3, as both a mission and level designer.
Using DICE's proprietary engine Frostbite 2, I was responsible for designing and scripting various encounters, ambient warfare, and was soley responsible for the initial implementation of the game's script and voice over system.

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I work as a Level / Mission Designer on Mad Max at Avalanche Studios, published by Warner Bros.
Mad Max is an open world action game set in the iconic wasteland established by George Miller's film trilogy.
With Avalanche Studios proprietary engine I've scripted missions with a focus on explosive car combat.