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Here's a selection of my horror films.
The first two films are available on the Lovecracked DVD from Biff Juggernaut.
I was the director, scriptwriter, editor, musician/sound fx and special effects guy on most of my films.*
All films were shot during my time in film school.

Chaos of Flesh: Directed by Grady Granros
BugBoy: Edited by Ismail Ahmed. Insect Face Special FX Brian Kinney. Cocoon FX Rebecca Finley & Tomas Almgren
For more details see my IMDB profile.
Here's a link to the H.P. Lovecraft horror shortfilm anthology I was part of.
It's a crazy piece of exploitation cinema that mixes Lovecraft with Python and Troma.
The films I worked on are called BugBoy  and Chaos of Flesh.


"But the two shining gems of the lot are by Swedish filmmaker Tomas Almgren, who wrote and directed the stunning "BugBoy"
and scripted the simplistic yet brilliant "Chaos of Flesh" for director Grady Granros.
"BugBoy" is a Kafkaesque tale as seen through a Lynchian lens, while "Chaos" is an excellent, straight-up horror yarn."

"BUGBOY is the one that makes the whole thing worth watching.
Like some bastard child of Kafka, Lynch and Lovecraft, BUGBOY redefines horror in the same way David Cronenberg did in NAKED LUNCH.
This one will leave you scratching your head for days."
Bloody Disgusting

"BugBoy should have been fleshed out into a whole movie, as it has the only decent acting, special effects, and horror worthy of the word."
Beyond Hollywood